Wait List: "Supporting Children with Developmental Needs"

Date Jun 8, 2024 | Time 9:30am - 11:30am

This highly practical workshop is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and tools to enhance the learning experience for special needs children in early years settings. In this workshop, we will explore the profound impact of visual supports on building authentic connections to others and on learning. Workshop Topics include:
1.Understanding the Significance of Visual Supports: 
Discover why visual supports are essential in the educational journey of special needs children. We'll delve into the cognitive, communicative, and behavioral benefits they offer.
2. Building Accessibility and Innovation:
Learn how visual supports can create an inclusive and innovative learning environment.  
3. Identifying the Right Visual Supports:
Gain insight into a variety of visual supports, from visual schedules to social stories. Understand how each support can be tailored to individual requirements.
4. Considerations for Creating Visual Supports: 
We will discuss the best practices for designing visual supports, considering factors such as age, developmental level, and specific needs of the children.
5.  Implementation in the Classroom: 
Practical guidance on integrating visual supports seamlessly into your teaching routine. Discover methods to encourage connection, accessibility, and inclusivity among all children in your care.

Location: Online

Cost: CCRR Member $15.00, Non-Member $20.00

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